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Tandoorifinger formed when John Woongsae Jung and I went over and jammed with a couple of guys named Chester Slimp and Kris Tatsch. I think we wrote three song-ish pieces that first evening, and quickly decided to get married. We added Ethan Newton and Chris Shaheen, and for the next two years played shows, rehearsed, and recorded.

I loved this band and these men so much. It was a special time in my life. 


Thomas Faustin Huisking – vocals, guitar, bass, lyrics, beatbox

John Woongsae Jung – vocals, guitars, lyrics, screams

Ethan Newton – vocals, guitars, lyrics, screams

Chris Shaheen – keys, synths, French horn

Chester Slimp – bass, French horn, yes pleases

Kris Tatsch – drums, percussion