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Plants For Lunch is coming to Los Angeles

Plants For Lunch is a subscription meal service delivering plant-based, performance lunches in Los Angeles.

Fresh produce is picked up every day from local farms, prepared and packaged in our commercial kitchen space, and delivered to you at lunch time all over L.A. County. 

Service is subscription-based: you purchase meals for the week or month rather than on a day-to-day basis. No more decision fatigue.

We use sound nutrition science and the freshest, most vital produce attainable to improve the way you perform after lunch. We want you to feel better and to excel in the afternoon by exchanging one meal per day for something better.

If Californians substituted plant-based food for just one meal per day, it could theoretically reduce the state’s water footprint by at least 12%. At scale, that represents many millions of gallons of water that our state desperately needs to accommodate our population and agricultural requirements. 

We firmly believe that eating at least one vegan meal per day will begin to improve our city’s health, cognitive function, and alleviate the strain on our water supply by substantially lowering the demand for factory-farmed meat.

Plants For Lunch: changing the world one lunch at a time.

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