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Five Minutes With… Marko Andric

I met Marko when he came to town to spend some time with his client, Stuart Copeland, and drive up the PCH with his best girl. He stayed at our house in Venice Beach and we had many fantastic conversations. Because we filmed this one in particular, he was a bit nervous, but that goes away completely after a minute or so.

His stories about the music business and event promotion are amazing, but when Marko speaks about healing with ayahuasca, you should listen. When we segued from talking about dreams into psychedelic use I realized Marko had his first ceremony about 10 years before many of us had even heard of ayahuasca and DMT.

By comparison, I was still mixing Grey Goose with Red Bull and addressing attractive bartenders with a flourish by saying, “Good evening, madame!” 

Sigh. I’ll be playing catch up forever. 




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