Shoulders and Arms

Behind the Neck Press @ 135 x 8

Inc. DB Press @ 85 x 3 x 5

Seated Lateral Raise @ 20 x 4 x 12

Reverse Curl @ 40 x 4 x 10 (belly button to clavicle)

Rope Pressdown @ 60 x 4 x 10 (clavicle to belly button)

I've been surfing for the past few days down in Baja, Mexico, and I'm going to attribute the 1-rep increase in the behind-the-neck press to three days in a row of lots of paddling. As I try to make the transition to a much shorter board, I am definitely feeling humbled and out of shape given the head-high to a few-feet-overhead conditions that were happening down there. 

The reverse curls and pressdowns were extremely difficult with a slight tip by Ofer Samra. "Pull the bar into your belly button before curling, and turn your wrists up. This activates the brachialis more and uses less front delts."

The same idea applies to the pressdowns, where you lean forward and focus on keeping the rope close to your chest at the top of the full stretch, and finish as close to your body as possible in the extension. I had a great pump at the end of this session and left the gym in a fantastic mood.