Last two


Inc. Fly @ up to 60 x 13

Rev. Chest Supported Row @ up to 125 x 5

Wide Hammer Chest Press @ up to 120 (side) x 12

One Arm Iso Row @ up to 135 (side) x 12

Didn't get to finish the last two exercises, but it felt good to get the work in after a long weekend.


Behind Neck Press @ up to 125 x 10

Seated Machine Lateral @ up to 9 plates x 10

Rear Lateral Machine @ up to 140 x 10

Seated Hammer Curl @ up to 35 x 3 x 15 

Leaning Rope Ext @ up to something for a few

Gold's Gym Venice is a very unique place, and I'm reminded of that for better or worse every time I train there. At some point I will elaborate on that cryptically vague sentence, possibly in a full article. For now, suffice it to say that it is a weirdly gross but strangely inspiring... and I wouldn't have it any other way.