Anatomy of a Meditation

I imagine my mind like a planet with rings around it, each representing a different gear. There are gears devoted to reason, gears devoted to the senses, and gears devoted to creativity, all orbiting my consciousness at different speeds. And my mind's eye will spotlight up to three gears at once at its most chaotic and unchecked. 

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4 Podcasts You Should Know (And Listening at 2X Speed)

Anyway, since I discovered this hack I'd gotten very comfortable listening at 1.5X, which sounds like the speakers are incredibly eloquent even after 6 cups of coffee. But then a couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with 2X speed, and when I found out that my new friend, Matthew, does that exclusively, I had to make the switch. Otherwise he wins.

Okay, yes, it will sound like people on amphetamines speaking very demonstratively at first. But your brain will quickly adapt, I promise. Consider how many more books you could read if you 2Xed your reading speed. Now you don't have to.

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