Shoulders and Arms

Behind the Neck Press @ up to 125 x 9

Seated Machine Lateral @ up to 9 plates x 10

Inc. Rear Lateral Raise @ 15 x 4 x 20

Seated Hammer Curl @ up to 35 x 3 x 12

Rope Ext. @ up to 130 x 11

Reverse Curl @ 50 x 20

One Arm DB Ext. @ 15 x 20

Pumper McGee session. It feels like that, anyway. I'm not sure how much direct arm work I should be doing relative to direct calf training, given that they both seem like glaring weak points, but my money is on: probably calves. 

I don't think anyone will disagree that the shoulder girdle and arm pump feels superior to the calf pump though. If you do, please weigh in with those thoughts.