Go Polymath! Site Launch

Friends, new and old!                                                     

This is my new spot, my new home on the intertubes, my new place for all things "all things."

This is the POLYBLOG

I used to compartmentalize myself, keeping different aspects of my life separate for fear of being the _____ thing at the _____ time. Now I'm promoting the value of working as painter, a musician, a personal trainer, an actor/writer/director and more--sometimes all in the same day.

There's something very nourishing about exploring multiple creative paths, and I've built this site for those who resist the current trend to specialize as the only way forward. This is a place for broad subject matter, broad risk-taking, and broad learning.

This is a place for you.

But this is the beginning. While there's a lot to see and explore, there's much more lined up in the way of articles, videos, guest posts, and how-to's. Please start here and let me know what you might like to see more of in the future. 

Until then, do the good work!