Five Minutes With... Ramon Gil

Ramon Gil is an artist, scientist, and  visionary who has spent the last 20 years on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua--a place with no automobiles, limited internet service, and millions of stars when the sun goes down. 

You would like it.

This man is the owner and creative force behind Ensueños, enchanting cabañas built in a sustainable way among coconut and fruit groves that will remind intrepid travelers of Robinson Crusoe, Gilligan's Island, and Swiss Family Robinson (depending on how old you are!). 

I recently spent a week at Ensueños, walking barefoot among plantain and almond trees, pineapples and iguanas, combative crabs and the ubiquitous coconut. It was a powerful juxtaposition to my life in Los Angeles, and I was incredibly struck by how happy Ramon and his family are.